In this section, you can check out the details of the current population of Gloucestershire, how it’s expected to change in the next 25 years, and how births, deaths and migration have shaped the changes of the population in Gloucestershire.

Also find out more about the characteristics of the population and local communities in Gloucestershire from analyses using the Census, and the Acorn customer segmentation tool.

Current Population

The latest Mid-Year Population Estimates, along with archives of estimates from previous years.

Population Change

Population change between 2006 and 2016.

Population Projections

Projected population between 2016 and 2041.

Drivers of Change

Birth, death and migration patterns in Gloucestershire.

Census 2011

Find out the key messages the Census tells us about Gloucestershire.

Protected Characteristics

Link to our "Equality & Diversity" section which contains profiles and data covering the nine protected population characteristics or groups that are identified within the Equality Act 2010. The legislation legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.

Insight: Our Residents

Link to the Insight: Our Residents section, where the CACI customer segmentation tool, Acorn, has been used to produce a number of reports and tools relating to the likely characteristics and behaviour of Gloucestershire residents.

Other Resources

Link to other resources related to population.

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