Overall, the health of people living in Gloucestershire is better than the England average. Life expectancy for both men and women is higher than the national average. However, there are areas of Gloucestershire where residents experience poorer health than nationally. Gloucestershire’s health and wellbeing priorities are tackling health inequalities; reducing obesity; reducing the harm caused by alcohol; improving mental health; and improving health and wellbeing into older age.

In this section, we provide a range of information and reports on some of the key priority health and wellbeing areas in Gloucestershire with an aim to improving understanding of the health needs of local population. These include needs assessments and analytical reports produced by Gloucestershire County Council and Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, as well as links to the latest profiles and indicators published by Public Health England.


A summary of some of the key health information for Gloucestershire. It includes Public Health and data from Health Care Services.

Health Profiles

Health Profile reports published by Public Health England for Gloucestershire and its six districts.

DPH Reports

Annual Reports of the Director of Public Health for Gloucestershire.

GP Practice Profiles

Analytical reports on GP Practice Profiles, looking at the prevalence of a selection of health conditions among patients and wider determinants of health in the practice area; links to the latest GP Practice level indicators, and GP Practice profile reports, published by Public Health England.

Health Inequalities

Information on what we know about health inequalities in Gloucestershire.

Health Needs Assessments

A series of health needs assessments on some of the health and wellbeing priority areas in Gloucestershire.

Health Improvement

Profile reports and indicators on topics such as alcohol, smoking and breastfeeding, that will help local stakeholders monitor and improve the health of Gloucestershire population.

Health Protection

Profile reports and indicators on health protection issues such as immunisation and infectious diseases, that will help improve understanding of local health protection risks.

Community Voice

Feedback from the community on local health services in Gloucestershire. These include an analytical report on GP Patient Survey results, summary findings of Online Pupil Survey, and summary comments produced by Healthwatch.

Other Resources

Link to other resources related to health.

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