Geography and Boundaries

In order to analyse data for an area we use various administrative and statistical geographic boundaries to divide up the county. This section provides an introduction to the most commonly used boundaries, as well as maps, a postcode lookup tool and MAIDeN profiles.


View our guide to geographies.

Boundary Atlas

Use the Gloucestershire Boundary Atlas to view administrative boundaries for districts, wards, parishes and electoral divisions. Also available are Census boundaries for Lower Super Output Areas and Census Output Areas, and local boundaries for Police Communities.

Boundary Maps

View pdf maps showing the most commonly requested boundaries.

Postcode Lookup Tool

Find out which District, Ward, Parish, LSOA, Electoral Division, Children and Young Peoples' Locality, and Childrens' Centre Area your postcode is in using this Excel workbook.

Maiden Profiles

View MAIDeN neighbourhood profiles for different geographies.

(Note that this profile is still in development, and only has profiles for the following geographies:
Districts; Electoral Ward; LSOA; Children's Centre; and CYP Locality)

The old style profiles can still be found here.

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