Children and Young People

Getting the right start in life for children in Gloucestershire should mean that they have the best chance of a healthy and happy adulthood with an active and rewarding old age. In order to achieve this, the needs of mothers, families and the wider community need to be considered as well as those of the child themselves.


Summary of some of the key topics related to Children and Young People in Gloucestershire.

Children and Young People Needs Analysis

The 2014 Children and Young People's Needs Analysis identifies key issues for children and young people and their families and carers.

Special Educational Needs

This gives an analysis of the picture of Children and Young People aged 0 to 24 who have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND), alongside the financial picture in Gloucestershire in 2017.

Educational Attainment

This report has been compiled from the evidence used to support the Educational Attainment chapter in Understanding Gloucestershire 2015.

Children and Young People Mental Health

A Children and Young People's Mental Health Needs Analysis completed by Gloucestershire Public Health, supporting Gloucestershire’s Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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